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Student Handbooks & Policy Reminders






There are high expectations for class attendance, which includes punctuality and preparation. Students are expected to arrive and be seated and ready for class, prior to the tardy bell.

  • Students must obtain a tardy note from the office to enter class after the bell.
  • Tardies will be cumulative. For example, a tardy to first block and a tardy to second block will total two tardies.
  • The accumulation of tardies will start over each semester.

The consequences for excessive tardies will be as follows:

  • Tardies 1-3= a warning
  • Tardy 4= 1 lunch detention or after-school detention
  • Tardy 5= 2 lunch detentions or after-school detentions
  • Tardy 6= 3 lunch detentions or after-school detentions
  • Tardy 7= 4 lunch detentions or after-school detentions
  • Tardies 8,9= 5 lunch detentions or after-school detentions
  • Tardy 10= 1 day of ISS and a parent conference with administrator
  • Tardy 11= 3 days of ISS and the revocation of driving privileges for 1 week
  • Tardy 12= 5 days of ISS and the revocation of driving privileges for 1 week
  • Tardies 13 and following= 1 day of Intervention Center and the revocation of driving privileges for 1 week, or an equivalent consequence+ as deemed by an administrator
  • Failure to serve detentions will result in an escalation of consequences.




Students are not permitted to wear hats inside buildings. This includes all classrooms, labs, interior hallways, the media center, cafeteria and gym.

Consequences for hats:

  • FIRST OFFENSE: warning
  • SECOND OFFENSE: hat confiscated, taken to office, and returned to student at the end of the day
  • ALL ADDITIONAL OFFENSES: hat confiscated, taken to office and returned to parent
  • Any student who fails to turn in his/her hat when confiscated will be handled as Insubordination and/or Defiance of Authority




Trinity High School recognizes that cellular phones and other wireless communication devices have become an important tool through which parents communicate with their children. Therefore, students are permitted to possess such devices on school property so long as the devices are not used, displayed or visible during instructional times.

In addition, these devices, if used in any way to facilitate academic cheating, shall result in appropriate academic sanctions and discipline pursuant to the Randolph County School System Parent/Student Handbook.
Any time students are allowed to use their electronic devices to listen to music, headphones must be used. No speaker systems, within the device or external, will be allowed.


  • FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal warning.
  • SECOND AND ALL FOLLOWING OFFENSES: Will be handled as Insubordination and/or Defiance of Authority. The teacher will make parent contact and refer the matter to an administrator.

Liability of Electronic Devices:

Trinity High School is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage of a cellular phone or other personal wireless communication device. Students are personally and solely responsible for the security of their wireless communication devices.

Search of Wireless Communication Device:

A student's wireless communication device and its contents, including, but not limited to, text messages and digital photos, may be searched whenever a school official has reason to believe the search will provide evidence that the student has violated or is violating a law, board policy, the Code of Student Conduct or a school rule.