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Campus Parking


Updated 8-14-2019

Students may register on the THS website for a parking hanger. A completed Parent/Student Parking Contract must also be submitted in order to complete registration.

Students who hold a current drivers license may purchase their parking hanger starting on Thursday August 22, 2019 during Open House, or in the main office with Mrs. Swaim. Parking hangers purchased beginning Monday August 26, 2019 will need to see Mrs. Swaim in the main office before or after school or during lunch.

The fee to purchase a parking hanger is $25.00 for the school year.

  • All school fees must be paid prior to purchasing a parking hanger.
  • Freshman are not permitted to drive or park on campus.
  • The online Registration Form must be completed and the Parent/Student Parking Contract must be filled out legibly and signed by the student and parent before purchasing a parking hanger.
  • Students must bring their driver's license, the signed Parent/Student Parking Contract, and the payment to purchase a parking hanger.

Student Spots 1 - 12 will be assigned to the top 12 seniors, in no particular order.

Students must park on the Trinity High School campus in spaces designated for student parking. Students cannot park in spaces (designated in yellow) for staff, visitors, handicap, police, or in the parking area at the baseball lot, behind the G Building, Gym, lower gate at the stadium, or on any grass areas on campus. Students will be ticketed for parking anywhere other than a designated student parking space. The Dog Pound (track lot) will be reserved for seniors. All cars parked in the Dog Pound lot during school hours must display a senior parking tag.

Unregistered vehicles will be ticketed beginning on Friday, August 30, 2019. Vehicles will be ticketed immediately for parking in a staff or reserved spot, one of the top 12 senior spots, making your own parking spot or parking in a closed lot.


Click here to register for a THS parking hanger online

Click here to access and print the Parent/Student Parking Contract